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Shipping Policy

Gifts Delivery in Europe

In Walwater Gifts, we provide reasonable delivery fees with high-quality shipping services. We used to have volumes of shipments across different destinations in Europe which is marked high and happens on a daily basis. In accordance with our shipping services, SendGiftsInEurope ensures that receivers will have their gifts accurately in an ideal condition as well.  We in Walwater Gifts guarantee you to bring the most top products in excellent condition and at superior customer service.

Generally, we deliver gifts in Europe weekdays from Monday to Friday. There are no deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays. For important holidays, deliveries may change depending on the receiver’s country. So, we highly motivate our customers to ask in advance regarding holidays to prevent doubts.

In Walwater Gifts, we accurately do two shipping options which vary according to gift and country which the client has chosen as their priority;

  1. Standard Shipping Delivery

Usually, we deliver gifts within 2-7 working days based on the country’s postcode, local holidays and if it is located in a remote area. Following the regular business hours, we deliver from Monday to Friday. Walwater Gifts utilize the DHL shipping courier in delivering your gifts on time. Deliveries on a fixed date are not acceptable in the Standard delivery option. However, Walwater Gifts can still make way and talk to the delivery company to set a particular delivery date.

Typically, most gifts are delivered in 3 working days from the day the gifts are placed considering the cutoff time of 11:00 (+1GMT). If in case the recipient is not present at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a message or deliver it to the neighborhood.

Here is the list of 26 European countries that we cover and corresponding time under standard shipping delivery;

  • Austria 2 - 3 Working Days
  • Belgium 3 - 4 Working Days
  • Bulgaria 4 - 5 Working Days
  • Croatia 2 - 3 Working Days
  • The Czech Republic 2 - 3 Working Days
  • Austria 2 - 3 Working Days
  • Estonia 5 - 6 Working Days
  • Finland 4 - 7 Working Days
  • France 3 - 4 Working Days
  • Germany 2 - 3 Working Days
  • Greece 5 - 6 Working Days
  • Hungary 2 - 3 Working Days
  • Ireland 4 - 5 Working Days
  • Italy 3 - 4 Working Days
  • Latvia 4 - 5 Working Days
  • Lithuania 4 - 5 Working Days
  • Luxembourg 3 - 4 Working Days
  • The Netherlands 3 - 4 Working Days
  • Poland 3 - 4 Working Days
  • Portugal 4 - 5 Working Days
  • Romania 3 - 4 Working Days
  • Slovakia 2 - 3 Working Days
  • Slovenia 2 - 3 Working Days
  • Spain 4 - 6 Working Days
  • Sweden 4 - 5 Working Days
  • The United Kingdom 4 - 5 Working Days
  1. Express Shipping Delivery

Aside from Standard Shipping Delivery, we also do the Priority Shipment method. In this option, we will consider overnight shipping for most European countries. Our regular business hours are from Monday to Friday. In this option, the shipping company will bring your gifts in a particular day that you requested in an ideal condition. Most of the time, orders that are collected before 11:00 (+1GMT) are delivered the next day. In Walwater Gifts, we give extra treatment and attention to express shipments and also as for the shipping company as well.

For Both Delivery Methods

In Walwater Gifts, we suggest our customers place clearly the address of their recipient. If the recipient is commonly at work, we recommend placing his or her business address. However, a signature is required upon receiving it.

In collaboration with DHL, we advised our clients from big countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden and others which has postcodes for remote areas, that we will require for higher shipping fees and extra days due to distance is quite too far from our warehouse. If in case, the delivery location is marked as a remote area based on the postcode, we will acquire for an extra fee that can be charged additionally to the cost of the gift.

In placing a gift, please complete the necessary fields. Phone numbers are strictly mandatory. In entering your phone number, don’t leave spaces and also with the country code. If your delivery address has no postal code, put “00000” instead. We don’t deliver for military bases and P.O Boxes. During the delivery, we commonly ask for a signature for confirmation.

As we always deliver during regular business hours, please enter an address where we can easily see your recipient or related people. If the gifts are delivered to companies and hospitals, we usually leave them on the reception desk. The name of the receiver is usually placed on the box, so he or she will be quickly informed.

In delivering our gifts, the recipient no need to settle for extra tax or customs fees since the delivery is from a European Union country and sent to a European Union country as well. Hence, as for countries which are not a member of the European Union need to apply necessary physical inspection and can cause an unnecessary delay which is not a responsibility at our part. In Walwater Gifts, we ensure that delivery services are accurate and gifts are in ideal condition.

Walwater Gifts doesn’t take any responsibility for unwanted events like;

  • When the customer entered an outdated or incorrect address upon placing the gift in the order form.
  • When the receiver has moved to another place or not available in the said address.
  • When the recipient is on vacation. During the summertime, some countries in Europe have long holidays.
  • Weather conditions like floods ice, snow and many more. In Europe, the winter season is unpredictable and delays are usually expected.

So, if your gift is not returned to our warehouse or not delivered due to the client’s mistakes, the customer needs to pay for shipping fees. Also, the client will be charged for 20 Euro for the return and cancellation as well. For our customers, especially for those who request express shipping, Walwater Gifts will not take responsibility for the expected condition of the gourmet ingredients. If you wish to re-send it with the correct address, you have to pay again the shipping and handling fees.