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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are terms and conditions which, the website of Walwater Ltd. (“we/us/our”) produce this website ( accessible to you and to every service we offer which can be reached on or through website.

These Terms and Conditions cover your user’s experience in the website and also to the Services.

  • Products
  • Alcoholic Gifts
  • Prices
  • Orders / Payment
  • Delivery
  • Cancellation
  • Disclaimer
  • General
  • Intellectual Property
  • My Account service
  1. Products

1.1 All products are seen on this website which can be changed from time to time are available in all cities across the particular country in which the gifts are displayed. Specific product ranges are only available in selected delivery areas and information about this matter exists on the product pages.

1.2 All of our products are subject to availability. If in case one of the products is out of stock or unavailable upon order confirmation, we will substitute with a product that has an exact equivalent in quality and also in value.

1.3 If in case we can’t include a bottle of wine or other finishing add-ons on the products ordered, we will notify you about this information during or after you place your gift.

1.4 For same-day delivery or other special delivery services, products are usually not available. This information is included in our product pages.

For some locations, we ask for an extra 24 hours for the delivery of gifts like gift baskets or wines. In Walwater Gifts, we deliver the most excellent quality gifts which can be branded or what is applicable.

2. Alcoholic Gifts 

2.1 In, we strictly don’t sell alcoholic beverages for people who are under 18 of age. When using our site, you have to affirm that you are over the age of 18.  We will do our best to ensure that all our alcoholic beverages are not delivered to anyone who is under 18 of age. Through using our site, you have to acknowledge that your recipient of the alcoholic drinks shipment from is over 18 of age.

Also, you have to confirm that the alcoholic beverage you bought in is for personal use and not for resale. If you can’t follow our conditions, don’t use our site. If in case we found out that you intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent your age to buy an alcoholic beverage for a person age under 18, will extend our capabilities which is acceptable by law.

2.2 Wines are readily available for delivery subject to the restrictions of the government. You can have these restrictions on the shipping policy of the product pages.

2.3 All of our alcoholic gifts are only available for our customers’ ages 18 and above. Before completing your purchase in accordance with our alcohol gifts, you have first to confirm your age on our website.

2.4 We highly recommend that the shipping of your gift will be on a business address or which is possible. Upon receiving the gift, an adult signature age at least 18 is strictly required. In your end, you have to make sure that there should be an adult upon receiving the gift.

Shipments are not be delivered for these kinds of circumstances;

The receiver is not 18 years old above or he/she doesn’t have a valid id like passport, driver’s license or birth certificate which can justify his or her age.

The receiver expresses signs of intoxication.

3. Prices 

3.1 Prices that are shown within Services are acceptable up to 14 days upon placing your order.

3.2 All of the prices listed are in Euros (EUR). We ensure you that our price list is up to date. To see our price list, you can go to our home page and we have the right to change it without further notice. If you already placed an order, we will do our best to provide it according to the prices listed at the time you completed your order.

4. Orders or Payment

4.1 In placing your order, you have to provide necessary personal details about you like an email address or phone number together with the updated details of the recipient and also the necessary payment details.

4.2 Upon payment, we can accept payments via Paypal or all major credit cards like Master and Visa.

4.3 Upon clicking the “place order” button which is the end of the order procedure, we assume that you agree with our terms and conditions which are seen of the “Terms and Conditions” section of website.

4.4 Submitted orders are subject to our acceptance of this offer. As a sign of our acceptance, we will send you an e-mail about your order details to inform you about the processing of your order through the e-mail address you entered.

5. Delivery

5.1 For some specific localities, selected products may not be available for delivery. However, we will try our best to provide all the necessary information on the product page during checking out or communicate with you after placing your order.

5.2 We don’t suggest courier deliveries to army bases, funerals and also to hospitals.

5.3 For shipping methods, if you wish to deliver your gift in a particular time period, you can select the given shipping methods shown on the product page. Remember, some shipping methods are subject to availability and delivery fees can vary in a couple of times of the year. Information about shipping methods are can be checked at the product pages also as you place your order.

5.4 Deliveries through the courier company cannot be accommodated at certain times. All orders will be ship out during the working day from 10 am to 7 pm following the receiver’s time zone during regular working days which is from Monday to Friday.

5.5 Deliveries are only available on the mentioned days. If you can’t choose a delivery date, which means delivery is impossible on that day. If you have suggestions or inquiries, contact our customer service team and see if your chosen day can be available.

5.6 To prevent delays or problems with the delivery, make sure that every detail like address, postcode of the recipient and the telephone number are accurate which can make for our delivery service easy to locate your recipient. It would be recommended if you can provide us daytime contact details like telephone number or e-mail address so that we can notify you quickly in the event of delivery problems.

5.7 There are particular products that can’t be delivered on specific delivery date. However, it can still be delivered within the delivery period. The delivery period takes specific products to be delivered are listed on the product page near the shipping method option. For more questions regarding delivery dates, you can contact our customer service team.

5.8 Moreover, we can also agree to use alternative ways to make sure that delivery on the requested date. You can acknowledge actual delivery in a local florist or through a third-party courier service. Sometimes, delivery on the requested terms will not be applicable. On these matters, we will give your prior notice wherever is possible.

5.9 For delivery services at a certain location where a third party is involved like hospitals, Funeral Directors, airports, hotels, ships, and other business locations, a signature of an authorized person should be required in behalf of the organization which takes as a proof of delivery of your recipient.

5.10 Be aware that the courier will deliver the gifts to the address you provided in good faith. Also, we don’t take any responsibility if the recipient is unavailable at the address given or when the receiver refuses to accept the gifts.

5.11 If in case the courier can’t find someone who can accept the delivery or can’t find a secure location to leave the gift, they will leave a card at your address to make contact and arrange re-delivery. If the receiver fails to make contact in the said time, we have the right to charge for another delivery or ask for another address.

5.12 For multiple orders which are sent to the same address, orders will be dispatched separately and we can’t promise you to deliver on the same time or day.

5.13 If in case a failure happens like results of Act of God like a flood, heavy weather, storm, earthquake, hurricane or any other natural disaster, we shall not be liable. Also, we don’t take responsibility for events like civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, strike, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service.

6. Cancellation

Feel free to call our hotlines below;

USA Number +1-269-216-9989

UK Number +44-208-123-6343

Australia +61 2 8005 0520

EU +386-30-918162

Or email us

Or Chat with our agent online.

Our customer service center is available from Monday to Friday. However, we can still receive information during national holidays and also weekends.

Requests for amendment or cancellation are usually subject prior to request before the said cut-off time.

6.1 We regret to inform you that you can’t cancel a dispatched or shipped order.

6.2 You have the right to cancel any payment when you trace fraudulent actions or your credit or debit card is used by an unauthorized person who acts as your agent and is re-credited through our extent that particular sums are not reimbursed by the card owner in specific circumstances.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 (a) We accept the liability for personal injury or death arose with our negligence.

7.1 (b) Subject to clause 7.1 (a), our liability in contract, tort which includes breach of statutory duty or negligence or otherwise arising through the reason of or in accordance of your order with us shall be limited in the maximum of 5 times the price you have paid for our products.

7.1 (c ) Subject to clauses 7.1 (a) and 7.1 (b) above we keep out all of the liability for any losses, claims, damages and demands which includes without limitation to loss of profits, any costs, loss of business opportunity or contracts, loss of any other consequential or data, incidental, punitive or special damages, although we have been advised about the possibility of these damages directly or indirectly in or out of the way connected on how you use or inability to access the website and the Service, whether arising in contract, tort like negligence, under statute or otherwise PROVIDED THAT nothing included in these Terms and Conditions affects or will affect at the recipient’s statutory rights in accordance with the quality, fitness or description of the products provided.

7.1 (d) Subject to clauses 1.5 above, we shall not take responsibility for any delay or inability to perform our obligations to you if the delay is due to any cause that we can’t control.

8. General

8.1 We reserve the right to amend and supplement the Terms and Conditions which enables you to access website or the Services timely. We will update and post changes on website and as a user, it is your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions every time you access the Services and the site. As we post changes, expect those changes after 5 hours effectively. Subsequent dealing between you and us should follow the newly posted terms and conditions.

8.2 These Terms and Conditions should be considered to consists on all notices, disclaimers, policies and other temrs that are included to the site, provided that in the event of conflict happens between any notices, disclaimers, policies and other terms, these Terms and Conditions must prevail. If any of these Terms and Conditions are considered invalid unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions should remain in full effect and force.

8.3 We will only utilize your personal data and also your recipient’s information in fulfilling our obligations on these Terms and Conditions and as included to our Privacy Policy as well.

8.4 A person that is not part of the agreement between you and the company has no rights to pursue any of the Terms and Conditions.

8.5 In accordance to fraudulent misrepresentation, this agreement which includes instruments and documents referred to herein will replace all current representations, understandings, agreements, and agreements between you and us, regardless if it is made in oral or written. Also, it set forth the whole agreement and understanding between you and us related to the subject matter hereof.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1 All other rights which includes copyright are exclusively owned by Any use of this website materials or contents where it can be either copied or stored for your personal purpose or non-commercial is strictly prohibited especially when without permission by

10. My Account Service

10.1 To register on any services in, you need to be over eighteen years of age.

10.2 You are recommended to change the automated password on the time you receive it which is from the You need to keep it confidential and it should not be shared by anyone. As a responsible user, you need to take the whole responsibility for all orders and activities that are submitted under you password. If you suspect malicious actions that someone uses your password, notify us immediately. You can choose the “Forgot Password” service once you forgot your password.

10.3 If has every reason to believe that a misuse or breach of security on our website or service, we will require you to change your password immediately, or stop the use of our service.

10.4  You must make sure that all details you provided on the time of registration are accurate and correct.

10.5 If there are changes regarding your information provides, inform us immediately and let us update your personal details. Or, you can update your personal information through editing your profile on the “My Account” option of the website. This action ensures that the Service offers updated and accurate information. You can also visit our page or e-mail us if there is a correction or update regarding your personal information.

10.6 The use of the Service is used to help our customers with their purchasing procedures within our site. The Service should not be used for the following purposes;

Spreading any unlawful, libelious, abusive, threatening, harrasing, harmful, obscene, or any objectionable material.

Getting unauthorized access from other computer systems.

Obstructing or interfering other person’s use or enjoyment of the Site.

10.7 has the right to refuse any post material on the service or site or to delete materials which are already posted to the website.

10.8 Whilst we take every acceptable precaution and care in accordance with our Service, we do not make any warranties or representations of any kind which can be express or implied with respect to the contents or operations of this Service, and any such representations and warranties are exempted by this notice.

We do not warrant that use of the Service will be continuous or error-free. Whilst every effort is made to make sure that reminder emails set up on your account are delivered accurately, we will not take any responsible for non-delivery of these messages. Your use of the Service is entirely at your own risk and we do not accept any liability whatsoever for any damages or losses that you may encounter as a result of your use of the Service. These Terms and Conditions happen in conjunction with general Terms & Conditions of the Site covering the entire use and order placement. We are committed in protecting your privacy, also the information included to our Privacy Policy.

10.9 If you have any inqueries or questions, feel free to contact us through the contact details above.

Privacy Policy


The Walwater Gifts Ltd. (“Company”, or “us”, or “we” or “our”) fully respects the privacy of its users and customers, which can be accessible in media channels, media forms, mobile website or mobile application which the company or website is collectively connected. The company’s privacy policy is designed to inform every use of our website about different information that can Walwater Gifts can collect as you use our website. Also, the privacy policy is implemented to explain precisely the conditions under which the company discloses and uses on a given information and to your rights which are related to the said information. Changes on the Privacy Policy will be explained at the end of the document. As you reach or open our website, the updated version of the Privacy Policy will appear. So, every time you visit our site, you must check the date of the Privacy Policy from the beginning of the document and review if there are changes happened since the last time you read it.

The website is primarily hosted in the United States and subjected with Slovakia’s law. If you are using our website from other perspective, expect that you are transferring your personal date in Slovakia, and through using our Website, we assume that you agree in transferring or use of your personal information which are mentioned to this Privacy Policy. Also, we assume that you agree with the applicable laws of Slovakia as well. These law concerns more on how you use our website and the agreements you do with us. Any user who wish to access our website with any juridiction with laws or regulations covering the use of the Internet which includes personal information collection, disclosure and use that can be different from the jurisdictions mentioned may only have the use of the website in a lawful in their jurisdiction. If you’re accessing our website unlawful in your jurisdiction, don’t use our website.



Users of the Website Generally

“Non-Personally-Identifying Information” is a type of information, without the help of additional information which can’t be connected with a particular person. “Personally-Identifying Information,” on the contrary, is a type of information like your email address and name which is directly associated with a certain person. For most website operators, Company collects Non-Personally-Identifying Information to the users of the website which can be asked through web browsers or in customized settings.

The information may consist of the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system and the locations of the website which the user views the right before reaching as well as navigating and quickly after leaving the website. Although the information is distinguished as non-personally-identifying information, the company can possibly recognized the IP address of the user’s internet service provider and its geographic location which the connectivity is established.

As the company analyzed the non-personally-identifying information collected from users of the website which helps the company better understand how the website is utilized. Through trends and patterns of usage, our company can make more efficient design to improve every user’s experience, in terms of usage and also for its content. As time goes by, our company can also release non-personally-identifying information at the website like an accurate report about the latest trends of using our website.

Web Cookies

A “Web Cookie” refers to a part of the information which gives our users a unique identification which the site stores on the user’s computer. When a user asks or requests for an inquiry, a web cookie appears to the browser of the user. Generally, we utilized web cookies to effectively track the service you choose to do on our website. Also, it is used to record registration data in accordance with your login name and also your password. Web cookies are also used to register user preferences and keep your account logged in on our website.

These web cookies are also utilized to monitor the website sessions of our users. With the help of web cookies, the company will know how to improve the user’s experience and also to better understand how the website is used. As with other Non-Personally-Identifying data collected from users of the Website, Company discloses and analyzes in aggregated form information gathered through Web Cookies, to help Company, its partners, and understand how the Website is being browsed.


Third-Party Advertisers

At our website, we can use third-party advertising companies which serves ads. These third-party companies can use information about your visit to the website and other sites that uses web cookies in providing advertisements about their services and goods that interest you. Through this tool which is created by the Network Advertising Initiative, you can choose from different third party servers and networks cookies continuously. If you wish to know more about this process and to understand the choice of not having this information which is used by several companies, click these links;,, or If you want to know the third-party advertising companies which we are currently associated, feel free to contact us.

We may enable advertisers to select the features of customers seeing their ads, and we may use any of the Non-Personally Identifying Information that we have gathered (including data that you may have chosen not to demonstrate to other customers, such as your birthday or extra delicate private data or preferences) to select the suitable audience for those ads.

Web Beacons

A “Web Beacon” is an object embedded in a user-invisible web page or email that allows website operators to check if a user has viewed a specific web page or email. On the website and in emails, the business may use Web Beacons to count customers who have visited specific websites, viewed emails, and to provide co-branded services.

Web Beacons are not used to access personal identification information for consumers. They are a company method that can be used to compile aggregated website utilization stats. Limited set of information is collected by Web Beacons, including a Web Cookie number, date and time of a page or email view and a description of the page or email on which the Web Beacon is located. Web Beacons may not be declined. Hence, by removing all web cookies or altering your browser configuration to notify you each time a web cookie is tendered, they can be made ineffective, allowing you to accept or decline web cookies individually.


We may use third-party suppliers, including Google, who utilize first-party cookies (like the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (like the DoubleClick cookie) to optimize ,inform and serve advertisements according to your previous website operation, including Google Analytics for Display Advertising.

The gathered information can be used to evaluate and monitor data, determine the popularity of certain content, and better comprehend internet activity. If you don’t want any kind of information can be gathered by the Google analytics, you can install an application on your browser ( and/or choose from Google Analytics for Display Advertising or the Google Display Network by using Google’s Ads Settings (

Aggregated and Non-Personally-Identifying Information

Under any of the above circumstances, we may share aggregated and non-personally identifying information that we collect. We may also share it with third parties and our affiliates in developing and delivering targeted advertising on the website and third-party apps. We may merge Non-Personally Identifying Information gathered from other sources with extra Non-Personally Identifying Information. In order to conduct a general business analysis, we may also share aggregated data with third parties, including consultants, advertisers, and investors. For example, the number of visitors to the website and the most popular features or services accessed can be told to our advertisers. This data does not contain any Personally Identifying Information and can be used to create website content and services that we hope will be of concern to you and other customers as well as to focus content and advertising.

Mobile Device Additional Terms

Mobile Device

We may collect device data (such as your mobile device ID, model, and the maker), operating scheme, version information, and IP address if you utilize a mobile device to access the website or download any of our apps.

Geo-Location Information

Unless we have obtained your previous permission, we will not access or monitor any location-based information from your mobile device at any moment while downloading or using our mobile application or our facilities, except that Company may be able to determine the geographic location of your connection point from an IP address, in which case we may collect and use such particular location information.

Push Notifications

If you choose to receive them, we will send you push notifications, letting you know when someone sent you a message or other service-related insights. If you want to opt out of getting these communications kinds, you can switch them off in the settings of your device.

Mobile Analytics

In order to better understand the features of our mobile software on your phone, we use mobile analytics software. This software can record information such as how often the application is used, the events occurring within the application, aggregated usage, results data, and where the application has been accessed. Within the analytics software, we do not link the data we store to any Personally Identifying Information you submit within the mobile application.

Social Media

We may provide you with the choice of logging in, uploading data or allowing certain characteristics on the website to link your account on the website to your account on certain social networking sites. When logging in using your social network credentials, we may collect personal identification information that you have made available to the public on the social networking site, such as your name, profile picture, cover photo, username, age range, locale, friend list, gender, friends network and any other information that you have set in public.

Once linked, other participants may also see data about your social networks, including popular friends, such as the size of your network and your colleagues. By linking your website account to your account on any social networking site, you consent to the ongoing disclosure of your data to us. Without first disclosing that to you, we will not send any of your account data to the linked social network site.

In addition, each social network can enable you to set privacy controls around your system data, and our information gathering will always follow such controls and permissions. This characteristic is subject to ongoing change and enhancement on the part of us and each social networking site concerned, so the characteristics and shared data accessible are subject to change without notice.

We may use website hyperlinks to redirect you to a social network if you click on the link. However, when you click on a social plug-in, such as the “Like” button on Facebook, the “Tweet” button on Twitter, or the Google+ plug-in, that specific social network plug-in will be triggered and your browser will connect straight to the servers of that provider. If you do not use none of these buttons, your information will be sent to the plugin supplier of the corresponding social network.

For example, when you click on the website’s “Like” Facebook button, Facebook will access your IP address, browser version and screen resolution, and the device you used to access the website’s operating system. Privacy settings can be discovered on these social networks ‘ websites and are not under our control.


Website Registration

As described above, Personally Identifying Information is data that can be connected directly with a particular individual. The business may obtain from and about website users a variety of Personally Identifying Information. Much of the Personally Identifying Information gathered by the User Company is data supplied by the User when (1) registering for our service, (2) logging in to social network credentials, (3) engaging in polls, competitions, surveys or other characteristics of our service, or reacting to offers or advertisements, (4) interacting with us, (5) creating a public profile, or (6) subscribing with our newsletters.

This data may include the name, address, email address and telephone number of each user and economic data such as your technique of payment (valid credit card number, type, expiration date or other financial data) if you are transacting with us. We may also ask for data on your interests and operations, gender, age, date of birth, username, home town and extra demographic or relevant data as determined from moment to moment by the company. Website customers are not obliged to provide any type of Personally Identifying Information to the Company, with the caveat that a user’s reluctance to do so may stop the user from using certain characteristics of the Website.


Online Postings

As a matter of course as a consequence of your use of the website, certain Personally-Identifying Information gathered from customers may be revealed. We may provide on the Website fields where you may post reviews and other data related to your Website operations. Our Terms of Use govern such posts. Furthermore, such posts may appear on other websites or when searches on the topic of your article are performed.

Furthermore, whenever you willingly disclose private data on publicly visible web pages, this data will be accessible to the public and may be gathered and used by others. For example, you may receive unsolicited messages if you post your email address. We cannot regulate who reads your posting or what other consumers can do with your voluntary posting data, so we promote you to practice discretion and caution regarding your private data.


Company Communications

Occasionally, we may use your name and email address to send you notifications about fresh website services that we believe you may find useful. We may also occasionally send you service-related announcements through the service’s overall operation. Generally, at the moment of registering or through your account settings, you may opt out of such emails, although we reserve the right to send you notices about your account, such as service announcements and administrative messages, even if you choose out of any voluntary email notifications.

Company Disclosure

By Law or To Protect Rights

If we think that disclosure is suitable, we may reveal Personally Identifying Information in connection with attempts to investigate, deter or take other action concerning illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing ; safeguard and defend the rights, assets or security of the Company, our customers, our staff or others ; comply with relevant laws or collaborate with law enforcement authorities ; Setting up or exercising our legal freedoms ; defending against legal allegations ; or as needed by law. In such instances, any legal objection or right at our disposal may be raised or waived.

Marketing Communications

Unless customers opt out after registering from obtaining Company marketing materials, Company may email customers about products and services that Company thinks may be of concern to them. If you wish to opt out of obtaining Company advertising materials, please follow the unsubscribe connection in the email communications, go to your account environments (if appropriate) or contact us using the contact details below.

Third-Party Marketing Communications

Unless consumers opt out of obtaining marketing materials upon registering, Company may provide third parties with user email data so that third parties may contact them directly about extra products and services. You may do so by going to your account environments (if appropriate) or by contacting us using the contact data below to stop receiving your email data from third parties. You may continue to receive marketing messages from third parties to which the Company has already supplied your email data even after you have opted out. To request the cessation of further marketing messages, you will be liable for contacting such third parties directly.

Third-Party Service Providers

We may share your Personally Identifying Information with our authorized service providers that execute certain services on our behalf, including your name and contact data (including email address). These services may include order fulfillment, offering customer service and marketing help, conducting company and sales assessment, promoting the functionality of the website, and promoting competitions, sweepstakes, surveys and other characteristics provided through the website. We may also share with our approved service suppliers who process credit card payments your name, contact data and credit card data. These service providers may have reach to personal information needed to perform their functions but are not accessed to share or use such information for any other purpose.

Business Transfers

Bankruptcy. Company reserves the right to pass all Personally Identifying Information in its ownership to a successor organization in case of merger, acquisition, bankruptcy or other sales of all or part of the property of the Company. Other than to the extent ordered by a bankruptcy or other tribunal, the use and disclosure of all Personally Identifying Information transmitted will be subject to this Privacy Policy or a fresh Privacy Policy if you are notified of the new Privacy Policy and have the chance to affirmatively reject it. However, a current privacy policy introduced by the successor organization may be subject to personal identification information presented or gathered after a transfer.

Changing Personally-Identifying Information; Account Termination

You may review or alter your Personally Identifying Information at any moment by going (if appropriate) to your account configuration or by contacting us using the contact data below. We will deactivate or delete your account and contact details from our active databases upon your request. Such data will be deactivated or deleted in accordance with our deactivation policy and applicable law as quickly as practicable depending on your account operation. Either go to your account environments (if applicable) or contact us as shown below to create this application. We will maintain some Personally Identifying Information in our records to avoid fraud, help with any inquiries, implement our Terms of Use and comply with legal demands as allowed by legislation. Therefore, in reaction to your demands, you should not expect that all of your Personally Identifying Information will be removed entirely from our databases. Additionally, to explore suspected fraud with your account, we hold a history of altered data.

General Use 

Company uses the Personally-Identifying Information in the file we preserve about you and other details we collect from your current and past activities on the Website (1) to distribute the products and services you have requested ; (2) to maintain your account and provide customer support ; (3) to connect with you via email, postal mail, telephone and/or mobile devices about the product you are interested either from us or from affiliate company or third parties;(4) developing and displaying content and ads tailored to your interests on the Website and other sites ; (5) resolving conflicts and troubleshooting issues ; (6) measuring customer interest in our facilities ; (7) informing you updates ; (8) tailoring your experience ; (9) detecting and protecting us from mistakes, fraud and other criminal activity ; (10) enforcing our Terms of Use ; and (11) to do what is said at the period of collection.  

Sometimes, to recognize issues, we may look across various users. In specific, we may use various user IDs or aliases to examine your Personally Identifying Information to recognize customers. To detect mistakes and omissions, we may compare and review your Personally Identifying Information for precision. We may use financial data or payment technique to process payment for any purchases made on the Website, to enroll you in the discount, rebate, and other programs you choose to engage in, to safeguard against or recognize potential fraudulent transactions and otherwise as necessary to handle our company.


Company contractually prevents the disclosure of Personally Identifying Information obtained from Company to its contractors, subsidiaries, vendors, and distributors other than in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, third parties are not obliged to comply with this Privacy Policy with regard to Personally Identifying Information provided directly by users to such third parties or collected by such third parties on their own. These third parties include advertisers, games suppliers, services, widgets, and a range of other website-accessible third-party apps.

Company does not own or control the websites and apps of third parties that are available through the Website. Thus, this Privacy Policy does not extend to data supplied or collected by the operating third parties. Before visiting a third party or using an application by a third party, whether through a link to the website, straight through the website or otherwise, and before offering any Personally Identifying Information to any such third party, customers should be informed of the privacy policies and procedures (if any) of the third party responsible for the website or application and should take these into account.


We take your Personally-Identifying Information security seriously and use appropriate electronic, personal and physical measures to secure it against loss, robbery, modification or misuse. However, please be advised that all risks can not be completely eliminated even by the finest safety measures. We can not ensure that your data will only be viewed by approved individuals. We are not liable for any privacy settings or safety measures being circumvented by third parties.

We are committed to protecting as needed all data on the Website. However, by keeping your password confidential, you are accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of your Personally Identifying Information. If you think someone has gained unauthorized access to it or your account, you should alter your password instantly. If you lose control of your account, please notify us quickly.


The business may alter this Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion. Any and all modifications to the Company’s Privacy Policy will be highlighted on this section and at the top of this Privacy Policy the date latest versions are published. Unless otherwise mentioned, all data we have about you and your account will be covered by our present Privacy Policy. For any modifications to this Privacy Policy, users should visit this page frequently. The business is always posting on the website latest editions of the Privacy Policy. However, as determined in its discretion, the company may decide to notify consumers by email or otherwise of any modifications made to this Privacy Policy. AS for our users, we recommend you to maintain up to date your contact information.


The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) covers children under the age of 13 from online privacy. We knowingly do not obtain or retain Personally Identifying Information from anyone under the age of 13, except as allowed by law. Any individual providing Personally Identifying Information via the Website reflects to us that he or she is 13 years of era or older. If we discover that a customer under the age of 13 has gathered Personally Identifying Information on or through the Website, then we will take the suitable measures to delete this data. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a kid under the age of 13 who has become a member of the Website or otherwise transmitted Personally Identifying Information to the Website, kindly contact Company using our contact details below to terminate the account of that kid and delete the data.


Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, also known as the “Shine The Light” law, allows our users who are California residents to request and obtain from us, once a year and free of charge, information about Personally Identifying Information (if any) that we disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes in the previous calendar year. If applicable, this information would include a list of the categories of Personally Identifying Information shared and all third party names and addresses with which we shared Personally Identifying Information in the calendar year immediately preceding it If you are a resident of California and would like to create such a request, kindly send your application to our data protection officer listed below.


Most web browsers and some mobile operating systems have a Do – Not-Track (“DNT”) function or setting that you can activate to indicate your privacy preference by not monitoring and collecting information about your internet browsing operations. Because there is still no prevalent knowledge of how to interpret the DNT signal, the website does not presently react to signals or systems from the DNT browser.


Please contact us at: if you have any concerns about our privacy policy.


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